Saturday, September 17, 2011

A real Revelation of the Revolution:

I got this story from Syria and I felt compelled to translate it for you.

I was in a store in Duma (northeastern suburb of Damascus), chatting with a friend of mine, when a man in his thirties entered the shop and said to the shop owner, whom he seemed to know before and called by name,  "What is the price of the item I bought from you yesterday?” “150 pounds ($3),” replied the shopkeeper.
“Is it possible for you to be patient with me? I will pay you next week?”  asked the man.  The shopkeeper replied with his approval. 
Once the man had left I asked the shopkeeper about the man.  He replied that this man is from a modest family and he works in construction. He is going through hard times. 
I went after the man to give him what I had in my pocket.  A man without 150 pounds, you can only imagine his hardship. 
I followed and entered a grocery store I saw him entering on the same street. I saw him ask for cooking oil, pasta, rice, etc… I was astonished. He did not have 150 pounds to pay the first shopkeeper, but came to buy all of these items (the price of which is much more than 150 pounds).
I could not hold back but to ask him half-sarcastically and jokingly: "I see you are shopping."  He looked at me and recognized me from the shop.  He replied, "I have to shop as you see.  Our neighbor was taken by the security forces yesterday.  I have to take something to eat for his wife and children.  They are going through hard times.” 
I felt as if I was struck with lightening.  I stood dumbfounded for ten seconds without answering. It felt like an eternity.  The man does not have 150 pounds and he thinks his neighbor is going through hard times.
How great are these people! How can those who rule these people treat them so savagely and brutally? Thousands of thoughts went through my mind. Thousands of tears flew out of my eyes.   I found myself picking up two items of everything he had and told him, “This is for you and that is for your neighbor.  I ask Allah to bless you and help you.  We are here for each other. I will pay for them.”  He left with the groceries leaving me with a heart submerged with humbleness and full of reverence for the greatness of the situation. The story ended here. 

I called my blog the “Revelation of Revolution” If this story is not a revelation I do not know what will be.  Intellects consider that there is a negative relationship between environment and human behavior.   Only greatness will break this relationship. 
We hope to reach the spirit and the greatness of our revolution to our Syrian community.  How far we came to the point of the American way of fundraising with $75 plate in a fundraising party to donate $100?    

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