Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Without sugarcoating it: I told you so.

Now, I am convinced that the foreign policy of President Obama is  the most dangerous for us on the strategic level.  I am worried that, one day, my fellow Americans will wake up and start asking again, "Why do they hate us?"

The USA is 200 years old, but we need to understand that we are dealing with societies that are 7000 years old.  They might be slow to react but be sure, they will act.  Geneva 2 or Geneva 9,  under the table agreements with Russia,  and taking a fistful of Syrians, polishing them to become so called "opposition," and then using them to abase the Syrian revolution are the techniques used by Obama's administration.  The administration might put a spin on it for its public.  But the people of the Middle East do not listen to the world news in 48 seconds on 10:00 PM news.  They live the news and they see through our foreign policy hypocrisy loud and clear.