Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Without sugarcoating it: I told you so.

Now, I am convinced that the foreign policy of President Obama is  the most dangerous for us on the strategic level.  I am worried that, one day, my fellow Americans will wake up and start asking again, "Why do they hate us?"

The USA is 200 years old, but we need to understand that we are dealing with societies that are 7000 years old.  They might be slow to react but be sure, they will act.  Geneva 2 or Geneva 9,  under the table agreements with Russia,  and taking a fistful of Syrians, polishing them to become so called "opposition," and then using them to abase the Syrian revolution are the techniques used by Obama's administration.  The administration might put a spin on it for its public.  But the people of the Middle East do not listen to the world news in 48 seconds on 10:00 PM news.  They live the news and they see through our foreign policy hypocrisy loud and clear.   

Friday, August 23, 2013

We promise: Assad shall not get away with it.

Facts: Bashar al-Assad has:
1. threaten to erase Europe from the map,
2. threaten to send suicide bombers to the west,
3. threaten the Middle East of total destruction,
4. admitted having chemical weapons. 

In the last thirty months he has
1. killed more than 100,000 persons of his people that we know of,
2. incarcerated more than 250,000,
3. destroyed more than 5000 schools.    

This week al-Assad has:
1. used chemical weapons for the fourth time against civilians killing more than 1363 persons most of them children in their beds,
2. sent car bombs to ignite civil war in Lebanon the one in Shiets  suburb of Beirut and the other in the Sunnis  neighborhood of Tripoli, Lebanon.

We promise that he shall not get away with it. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Suicide of a Minority:

The Syrian regime succeeded after nine months to transform the peaceful revolution into a military revolution by committing crimes against civilians and forced them to carry arms to defend themselves.

It is clear that he got international guaranties not to get attacked in the coastal areas. The international powers, fearing a blood bath in those areas, forbade the rebels to attack them. This month's victories were not followed by the feared massacres. That did not fit with Assad's plans. The international concerns were put to rest.

His crime today and the use of the chemical weapons to kill more than thirteen hundred persons in their beds is nothing than one more tentative to harden the position of the rebels hoping to create a situation to commit the international community to an Alawit state.

I would say, in your dreams. This is a collective suicide on the part of the regime supporters. If they want to commit suicide let it be their choice. 

USA paid 850,000 men in its civil war in order to keep its land integrity. I do not think that the regime supporters have 850,000 men.