Monday, February 29, 2016

A politically incorrect declaration

Follow America and the citizens of the 12 districts:
We took a chance on the black man and hired him eight years ago.  I know, the disappointment was big. He was nothing more than another “servant” of the capital.  
Today we are facing three choices:
The first is the woman. As much as I would love to vote for a women, voting for her means that we consider the capital is “functioning.” I am afraid that with her we are merely hiring another servant of the capital. The woman will be changing something.  But, we might be risking another disappointment like the one we had with the black one.
The second choice is to kick the bucket of manure so we can see what is hiding in the bottom of the bucket.  To do that, we can hire the impostor.  After all this is the American religion. One steps on people to get high and rich, and then one builds a library for them and does some charitable work.  The advantage with the impostor is that it will accelerate the discovery of the crises and unveil the real face of our “Capital.”  
The third choice is to push the envelope some more and take chances on the Jew.  His rhetoric tell us that he knows what he is talking about.  I doubt that the capital will let him live or let him cancel the annual “Hunger Games” as he is promising or to send food to the 12 districts.   But, what he is saying is that he will try. 
Personally, I am going with the Jew. At least he sees the crisis, even though he might not be able to fight it.

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