Friday, August 23, 2013

We promise: Assad shall not get away with it.

Facts: Bashar al-Assad has:
1. threaten to erase Europe from the map,
2. threaten to send suicide bombers to the west,
3. threaten the Middle East of total destruction,
4. admitted having chemical weapons. 

In the last thirty months he has
1. killed more than 100,000 persons of his people that we know of,
2. incarcerated more than 250,000,
3. destroyed more than 5000 schools.    

This week al-Assad has:
1. used chemical weapons for the fourth time against civilians killing more than 1363 persons most of them children in their beds,
2. sent car bombs to ignite civil war in Lebanon the one in Shiets  suburb of Beirut and the other in the Sunnis  neighborhood of Tripoli, Lebanon.

We promise that he shall not get away with it. 

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